How to disable moisture detected

How to disable moisture detected. It is essential to protect your smartphone or any other device from water and moisture because if it enters the USB port, a moisture detected message will immediately appear on the screen if you have activated it. Enable this option.

In most smartphones, the motion detection sensor is fixed to notify you of the situation. It is like a security measure for expensive electronic devices because if you ignore this message, you may experience short circuit due to damp USB port.

Short circuit is very dangerous for smartphones as it can damage the internal components of the phone, damage the wiring and sometimes you cannot open the smartphone play store app. So I write this post to explain different ways to disable moisture detection as it is not a big deal and you can fix it yourself. Instead, you need to see a professional to fix this problem.

How to disable moisture detected

How to disable moisture detected

When using smartphones, be aware that water or humidity is not suitable for them. Last month it rained heavily when I was returning home from work and riding my bike. Although my Samsung smartphone was in the bag due to heavy rain, it was almost wet.

When I got home and tried to charge my phone, a moisture detected message kept popping up on the screen. I use a hair dryer to dry the phone port. It starts recharging without interruption. If you’re reading this, it means you’re concerned about this as well, so keep reading to find out if the humidity detection is off.

Clean your phone

If your Samsung mobile phone keeps showing moisture detected message, don’t even think to plug the mobile phone in this situation as it may damage the mobile phone due to short circuit.

The moisture detected problem occurs when the USB port gets wet due to water, moisture, or corrosion. It’s not a big deal that you need to go to an expert for money.

Take a soft cloth, but this cloth must be burned and wipe the smartphone completely from the front and back. Then clean the smartphone’s USB port from the inside.

Leave your phone in the sun for an hour to let the remaining moisture dry. After an hour, try plugging in the cell phone. Hopefully your problem has been resolved and the moisture detected message doesn’t appear anymore.

Use hairdryer

How to disable moisture detected

If the problem is still not resolved after cleaning the USB port with a soft cloth, you can use another option:
hair dryer equipment.

We usually use a hair dryer to dry wet hair, but you can also use a hair dryer to dry the moisture in the charging port of any smartphone.

Dry the mobile phone with a dry cloth and plug the hair dryer into the outlet. Hot hair will blow into the port when you start the machine. All moisture and water in the port and mobile screen will be removed and dried completely.

After removing all the moisture, wait a bit and plug in the mobile phone. If you have done your job well, I am sure that the problem is solved and all moisture detected in the mobile phone is removed.

Use a fan

If you don’t have a hair dryer, you can also use a fan to suck the moisture out of the phone port. If your phone gets wet, wipe it off with a soft cloth and place it in front of the fan.

The air will dry the USB port from moisture. However, you’d better clean the dust and corrosive substance present in the port to charge the mobile phone without any danger and interruption.

Use rice bag

Another easy way to get rid of moisture is to put your cell phone in a discount bag for 7-8 hours. The rice bag will suck all the moisture from the phone out of all its parts.

But remember to tie the bag tightly so that air gets into the rice bag. Do not open the bag of rice for at least 7-8 hours until all the moisture has been removed from the USB port.

Factory reset

Factory reset is also an option when moisture detected message is still bothering after cleaning the moisture port.

However, save your mobile data and reset the smartphone to factory settings. The moisture detected message will not appear after factory resetting the mobile device.


The gist of the article is to always try to protect your mobile phone from wet areas and do not use the phone in a humid environment as you may experience moisture detection problems on your smartphone. .

If you don’t know how to turn off detected moisture. I’m sure the above points will help you get rid of it. But keep in mind that it won’t charge the phone until all the moisture has been removed.

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