How to take apart a roku remote

How to take apart a roku remote. Prying the farther separated is for the farther that has no screw. On the off chance that the farther of Roku has screws, at that point unscrew the farther and snatch the inaccessible in your hand. Put your hands on the opening sides of the inaccessible and pry it.

I was observing a motion picture when my inaccessible fell from the table onto the ground. The inaccessible didn’t appear harm on the exterior, but when I shook it a bit, it sounded like a broken thing moving interior the farther.

I attempted to check in case the inaccessible is working but it wasn’t. I chosen to disassemble the farther and check to see what was broken within the inaccessible. The strategy of opening a farther, particularly by Roku is straightforward. I opened my farther effortlessly.

How To Take Apart A Roku Remote

How To Take Apart A Roku Remote

Having a Roku farther not working is irritating, but not knowing how to open the inaccessible is more irritating. The opening of the Roku inaccessible really depends on the sort of farther.

The sort of inaccessible shifts by demonstrate. There are two fundamental sorts of remotes once you have to be open them. The 1st sort is remotes that are not screwed.

The 2nd sort of remotes, depending on the opening, is the farther that’s closed by screws. On the off chance that your farther doesn’t have screws, prying it open is the speediest way. On the off chance that your inaccessible does have screws, at that point opening the screws to begin with and prying them afterward is your trap.

With screws

Let’s open the remotes with screws 1st as the remotes with screws are the foremost utilized remotes. In case the inaccessible of your Roku is closed with screws, then this strategy will assist you open the inaccessible with point by point steps. Opening a farther with screws isn’t troublesome because it sounds.

Removing the cover

How To Take Apart A Roku Remote

On the off chance that you’re opening the remote with screws, you would like to put the farther on a flat surface. Put the farther on a table where you’ll be able open the inaccessible easily.Removing the cover
Put the posterior of the inaccessible confronting upwards as the screws are show on the back side of the farther. Not fair the screws, but the cover on the battery compartment is additionally on the posterior. Evacuating the cover from the compartment isn’t troublesome.

As you have got as of now set the inaccessible confronting descending, you fair ought to put your thumb on the cover and hold the remote with the other hand. At that point utilize the thumb to slide the cover towards yourself or the edge and the cover will open.

As you slide the cover within the outwards course, you’ll see that the batteries of the farther come in see. Put the cover of the inaccessible on the side.

Removing the batteries

Evacuating the batteries from the farther is truly simple. You fair got to drag the batteries out. In case you can’t drag them out, use a level screwdriver to lift them and after that evacuate them. Put the batteries on the side. Move another.


There’s as it were one screw on the farther exterior. the screw is found between the parcels of both batteries at the center. The screw is 6.9mm, so coordinate the screwdriver with it.

Put the screwdriver on the screw and begin turning it counterclockwise. The screw will come off. Put the screw on the side.

Without screws/ Wedging

The steps for the inaccessible without a screw are the same from here on, so they are composed commonly. Employing a plastic wedge device, make a crevice between both sides of the plastic to seize it.

Prying and opening

How To Take Apart A Roku Remote

After the hole has been made, do not pry it without limitations. The opening will require constrain but do not utilize intemperate for open the farther gradually and delicately without breaking the inaccessible locks.

As sufficient crevice is made, bring your fingers between the plastic farther and delicately open the inaccessible. Lift the side you evacuated delicately.

Removing the board/sheet

Put your thumb on the cleared out side of the board and attempt to hang the minstrel up. The board will be lifted effectively and you’ll be able put the board on the side. Beneath the board, you’ll see a sheet. You’ll be able grasp the sheet from one side and tenderly evacuate the sheet and put it on the side.

Removing the buttons

After the sheet has been evacuated from the farther, you’ll see the back side of the buttons. Fair get on side of the buttons and evacuate them. The farther has been totally disassembled.

The last word

A inaccessible that needs opening isn’t a mountain that can’t be climbed. On the off chance that you need to open a Roku farther, take after the over steps. The steps of remotes with screws and remotes without screws are comparable after a point. Perused them both over and settle your Roku inaccessible. Much appreciated for perusing.

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