Kyocera Duraforce Pro 2 Problems

Kyocera Duraforce Pro 2 Problems. If Kyocera doesn’t work, the device’s battery is dead. The power button may be faulty if it doesn’t light up.

The replacement plug should be replaced if the device fails to charge. Other issues with Kyocera Duraforce Pro 2 include both hardware and software issues. My Kyocera device has a problem. I decided to troubleshoot this smart device and find a solution. I started troubleshooting with the battery and all hardware to identify the problem.

Hardware problems are easy to fix if you know your phone. Then I fixed the software issue and successfully solved both problems. My Kyocera Duraforce Pro 2 is like new now.

Kyocera Duraforce Pro 2 Problems

Kyocera Duraforce Pro 2 Problems

At first, having a small problem with your smartphone is not a big deal. But the problem of love phones morphs and causes a lot of trouble for smartphone users.

The basics of smartphones are about their touchscreens, which make smartphones smart. The touch screen of a smartphone can present some problems. There may be a display error on the phone. The sound of the smartphone is not working as it should.

Handset and microphone malfunction. Smartphones lag behind. There may be a software bug that causes the smartphone to slow down and malfunction.

Phone camera not working. All of these Kyocera phone problems require proper troubleshooting and should be fixed to their fault. See below.

Not turning on

The fundamental problem of electronic devices is power. If your Duraforce Pro 2 does not turn on, then your smartphone has a battery problem.

Duraforce 2 batteries are subject to change, but it’s best to let the battery replace itself after choosing a battery. Open enough Duraforce Pro 2 to remove the battery and take it to the store.

Pair the battery with the phone. It is better to try the battery in the market and charge it there before buying it. If the battery does not fit, you need to ask a professional or send the phone to the company to have the battery fitted, they will send the repaired phone to you.

If the battery is not the problem, the company will also fix the problem. The power button can be a problem if the battery is bad or the card is bad, so ideally hand it over to the company.

Not charging

If the smartphone has a charging problem, there may be a culprit. The first culprit of not charging is the battery and you can replace it as above.

The charging socket may be faulty if the battery does not charge properly. Changing fillers requires technique, so ideally you should have your filler replaced at a Kyocera store.

If charging OK, the onboard charging IC is not working. IC charger also need professional workers. Replacing the charging IC is more difficult than replacing the charging pin.


Kyocera Duraforce Pro 2 Problems

If your smartphone is lagging, it usually means that your phone memory is full. If the memory is full, it must be deleted. You can free up ram and the phone will charge faster.

You can have too many apps open at once, so closing them will help you a lot. If your phone is always lagging then the phone memory might have a problem. If the phone memory is full, some operations will be slowed down, so deleting unnecessary apps and deleting other things that take up memory may come in handy. Resetting the smartphone will definitely stop the lag.

If there is an error on the phone, all errors will be cleared. If your phone offers a system update, the update should fix the issues and errors that cause the smartphone to lag.


If you can’t hear sound from your smartphone, it means the sound is getting boring. Use the volume up key to increase the volume and you will hear the sound. You can’t hear sound then there may be a problem with your phone’s speakers.

If the phone has speakerphone problem, replace the speakerphone by taking the smartphone to the franchise.

If your phone has no sound because of the media file you are playing. You can check other music or can turn it off in game settings if the game doesn’t make sound.

The last word

If your Kyocera Duraforce Pro 2 has any problems, you can always fix them. You can fix charging problems. You can find a solution to the sound problem, the display problem is also easy to solve.

If You are better off sending the smartphone to the company as they will take care of all the problems reported by the device. Thanks for reading about Kyocera.

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