lazy susan cabinet door dragging

Lazy susan cabinet door dragging. Opening a apathetic Susan cabinet gets to be frightening in the event that you are doing not watch out of it and keep up it appropriately. It gets to be challenging to choose the thing that falls down at the back of the foot plate and goes below it.

Due to any cause, in the event that the complete gathering is falling towards the entryway closes, then it means the cabinet entryway will not be closed. The foremost imperative thing is to play down the stack from the rotating plate since in the event that you have got stacked it with numerous things, at that point the entryway will begin to drag.

Final month I confronted the same issue of apathetic Susan’s cabinet door dragging at that point. I inquired about and repaired it by myself since I had to pay the fetched of contracting a proficient. Keep perusing this article to know how you’ll be able settle the dragging entryway of Susan’s cabinet.

Lazy susan cabinet door dragging

lazy susan cabinet door dragging

These days, Susan’s cabinets are introduced completely different cubits to induce simple access to distinctive things and pots put within the cabinet.

You’ll pivot the plate to choose the things. But, issues begin after you don’t keep up the cabinet legitimately, like over-burdening the plate or opening the entryway carelessly. In the event that the cabinet entryway is dragging, take after these focuses to settle it.

Remove weight

Keeping up the rotating plate by setting less weight on it is exceptionally critical. In case you put as well numerous things and pots on the plate, it’ll twist on one side and darg on the foot, halting the entryway from opening rapidly.

The rotating plate will not move unreservedly and drags the cabinet entryway. So, evacuate the additional things from the plate to return it to its unique position.

Adjust bad revolving

In the event that the apathetic Susan cabinet gets to be unbending for any reason and it gets to be troublesome to turn it, this issue fundamentally happens due to the center shaft.

To begin with of all, check the coupling nuts and alter the center shaft. The essential reason of this jolt is to clasp the position of the center shaft and oversee its length. At times, additional weight from the nut can tie the shaft.

Evacuate all things from the cabinet so you’ll effectively work and alter awful spinning. Presently take a torque, alter it on the jolts, and move it in an anticlockwise course to extricate the bar.

For the most part it is more worthy to extricate the jolt in brief progression since in the event that you open the jolts more, at that point there are chances that the Susan alteration can hurl.

Turn the regulating bar

After extricating the jolt with the assistance of a torque, you’ll be able presently effortlessly alter the center shaft. Adjusting the shaft gradually is fundamental, so it does not drop. Presently affix the jolts to total the alteration of the center shaft.

Presently check the securing jolts and rectify the position of the spinning plate. Lift the racks to alter their position and tight the screws.

Presently open and closed the entryway and check whether it is dragging. I trust the entryway does not drag due to altering the racks or spinning plate positions.

Check the issue with the door

lazy susan cabinet door dragging

In the event that your entryway of the extricated cabinet is dragging and not opening and closing openly, check the entryway closely. Which portion is making the issue. Generally the entryway begins to drag after you don’t have sufficient clearance within the crest, base, or sides.

In the event that the entryway is dragging, open the screws of the collar and utilize your hands to turn the spinning plate and cabinet entryway anticlockwise.

Presently gradually turn the clockwise entryway direction until it gets to the center front. Presently spin around the entryway get together and secure screws to wrap up the issue.


The ultimate contemplations on this article are that in case your apathetic susan cabinet entryway is dragging, it is fundamentally due to an over-burden of things on the spinning plate. So continuously attempt to put more minor things on the plate so that the entryway opens and closes rapidly.

In case your Susan entryway is dragging, take after the over point to fix the issue. On the off chance that you’re not experienced in opening the screws, you’ll be able contract a proficient to settle the dragging entryway.

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