Maytag dryer error codes

Maytag dryer error codes. In case you check blunder codes on the Maytag dryer, you wish to stress since in the event that an blunder code or blame code shows up on the screen, it tells you something is off-base with the apparatus.

At whatever point you check an blunder code or spotlight squinting, quickly closed off the unit and troubleshoot the issue. In case you are doing not resolve the issue rapidly, at that point the tiny issue may alter into a enormous issue, and you might ought to alter the dryer machine.

In ancient models of Maytag dryer machines, it was not easy to discover the most guilty party in the event that the machines halted working or depleting the water. Still, presently, in advanced machines, you’ll rapidly analyze the inconvenience fair by having the data of blunder codes.

Therefore, I am composing my inquire about on the blunder codes of Maytag dryers, so I keep perusing to pick up information. On the off chance that you do not know the real meaning of an mistake code, you’ll pay additional cash to contract somebody to alter or repair the flawed component.

Maytag dryer error codes

Maytag dryer error codes

Maytag dryer machines dry the dress in no time, but you may ought to pay attention of the unit. Don’t leave the plug within the outlet whereas not drying the dress.

Some mistake codes have a straightforward arrangement, and you’ll settle them rapidly, but a few mistake codes show the enormous issues like defective components at that point, don’t open the screws in case you do not know the method.

1. Error code PF

In case an blunder code PF shows up on the show after you are drying the damp dress within the machine, it implies that power could be a control disappointment. The drying cycle of the machine is halted.


To begin with, press and hold the Begin switch to reboot the machine. The dryer will begin to run accurately after rebooting.

2. Error code F-23

Mistake code F-23 appears on the screen when the deplete thermistor of the dryer machine gets to be inadequate. You’ll be able supplant the flawed thermistor in this way.


  • Closed off the dryer machine.
  • Take a voltmeter and review the resistance of the thermistor sensor.
  • It must grant a perusing of 10000 ohms at normal room temperature.
  • In the event that it does not grant this perusing, at that point it implies the thermistor is flawed.
  • In the event that you have got encounter, alter the thermistor; something else, enlist an master to supplant the thermistor of the unit.

3. Error code F5 E2

Maytag dryer error codes

This mistake code illuminates you to shut the machine’s cover properly. Many electronic machines don’t begin until their entryway isn’t legitimately closed off.


So in case this code appears, open the top of the machine and see on the off chance that there’s a cloth stuck in it or not, at that point near the cover precisely. The blunder code will consequently be expelled from the screen.

4. Error code F01

The F01 blunder code indicates that the most control board of the dryer machine is fizzled. It happens due to the control surge within the electric wires.


You’ll expel this blame code by exchanging off the machine for 5 to 1o diminutive.

5. Error code AF

An mistake code Af implies that the dryer’s wind stream is blocked and do something to expel the clog from the build up screen or vent. There are moreover chances that the vent pipe is turned or wrinkled; hence, the wind current isn’t effortlessly conceivable.


If you need to urge freed of this issue, at that point make beyond any doubt to clean the build up from the build up screen after each cycle. At that point check the vent channels; in the event that any pipe is crimped or marked, straighten out its unique position so that the wind current ought to not halt.

6. Error code F28

It implies that the dryer’s dampness sensor is fizzled, and you wish to repair or supplant it to dry the dress legitimately.


Confine the control line of the dryer from the attachment. Presently review the sensor wire saddle physically and with a voltmeter. In the event that the wire connections appear to be great, at that point alter the dampness sensor of the unit.

7. Error code L2

The mistake code L2 appears less voltage within the domestic wiring, which stops the unit from exchanging on the unit altogether.


In the event that this mistake code is showing up on show regularly, check the circuit breaker’s voltage. In the event that there’s essentially less voltage, closed off the machine for a few time. You too got to check the machine’s control cable and whether it is flawlessly stopped into the outlet.

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This article’s last words are that Maytag dryer mistake codes offer assistance us analyze the issue in no time. All the popular codes and how able to troubleshoot them are specified over to assist you.

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