Roku won’t turn on

Roku won’t turn on. It’s annoying when you’re watching an interesting movie and your Roku turns off, and the worse situation is that the Roku TV doesn’t work.

Roku TVs are the latest and greatest, but you still can’t tell when an electrical component is broken and won’t turn on.

The first thing to do when an electrical appliance begins to malfunction is to turn it off for five minutes and then turn it back on. Usually this trick works and the device starts working again. So if your Roku Tv won’t turn on, reboot as that might fix your problem.

If you turn on the Roku, train the infrared remote, then check if the remote’s battery is dead or working. Most likely the battery in the remote control is low.

If the batteries in the remote control were recently replaced, check to see if there is something between the remote control and the Roku device. If anything is present, remove it and then try turning on the device.

Roku won’t turn on

Roku won’t turn on

There are many causes to blame if your Roku TV stops turning on. Sometimes it feels so frustrating to be sitting with your family watching the next episode of your favorite show.

First of all, restart your Roku device because sometimes this is just a simple fix. If that doesn’t work, I’m writing this to explain the possible causes of Roku not working.

Check the power cable

If the Roku TV won’t turn on, check the unit’s power cord to see if it’s plugged into the wall outlet properly.

If you’re in a hurry, you haven’t properly plugged the cord into the wall outlet. Secure the cord and plug securely. Then check the power cable. If the cord is damaged or tangled, you’ll need to replace it to turn on the Roku.

Also, be aware: the outlet you’re trying to plug the cord into may be damaged and without power, so plug the Roku’s power cord into an expansion card to confirm this problem.

Check the Roku IR remote batteries

Roku won’t turn on

Next is the Roku IR remote to check if there’s a problem with the power cord and the wall is acceptable. It is essential to replace the remote control’s batteries every three to four months if you watch television daily.

If you try to turn on your Roku device with the remote but it won’t turn on, check if the remote is damaged. It may fall off the ground and stop working. So if it is physically damaged, you cannot use the TV with it.

Make sure that no objects are placed between the remote control and the Roku device when turning on the device. Suppose there is a chair or a table in the middle.

When the TV sensor does not detect the remote signal, remove all objects and try on the device.


It is essential to be careful when using electrical equipment because if you use the Roku TV continuously all day, the device will heat up and turn off.

So turn off the TV for an hour to let its parts cool down. After an hour, try pressing the power button to turn on the TV

Damaged hardware

Roku won’t turn on

If the TV does not turn on, the TV’s hardware may be damaged. Sometimes the wired connection inside the TV is loose due to debris. Do not try to open the screws in this case as this is a very complicated device.

If you attempt to repair it yourself, you risk further damage to it, so enlist the service of a certified professional who will open the back of your Roku TV and tighten or replace the defective part inside. in TV.


The last word of this article is that if your Roku TV won’t turn on, there are various reasons besides this problem.

First, don’t play TV all day because it overheats various components of the TV. Check power cord, remote control battery, internal wire connections, etc.

I advise you not to repair your Roku Tv by yourself as it is very dangerous; A minor fault can damage or turn on the TV.

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