Tcl tv screen goes black but sound still works

Tcl tv screen goes black but sound still works. Tcl TVs are celebrated for their high-quality picture and simple get to to different excitement channels. You’ll appreciate different programs along with your family and companions.

In any case, an electronic gadget has no believe; any time, it can go off-base and begin making issues like no picture, no sound, web not interfacing, and many other minor issues too.

It is exceptionally disappointing since you’re observing a movie with companions, and In the event that your TCL tv screen goes dark, the sound still works. You’ll not appreciate anything without the picture on a tv screen.

In some cases there’s no noteworthy issue, and you’ll quickly settle it without enlisting a tv specialist since a few free wires are segregated, and the tv screen goes dark.

On the off chance that you have got a few electrical abilities, you’ll be able settle the free wire association, but on the off chance that you do not know how to open the screws and back board of the tv, at that point don’t endeavor this since you’ll harm your Tcl Tv.

Tcl tv screen goes black but sound still works

Tcl tv screen goes black but sound still works

Ordinarily, Tcl Tvs don’t make issues until a few major issue happens; they are settled on the divider all the time, and there’s no peril to them.

But on the off chance that you’re playing with a ball within the Tv room and it hits the Tv screen at full speed, it’ll harm the Tv, so do not attempt to play with it within the Tv room. In the event that your tv screen goes dark without exterior interference, at that point check these focuses to settle the issue.

Restart the Tv

The primary thing to do when any electronic gadget is making an issue is to restart the gadget. Within the case of TVs, in the event that the tv screen goes dark abruptly but sounds are still coming from the tv, at that point switch off it for 5 minutes.

Turn on the Tv after 5 minutes, and check that the picture is coming or not. In case the issue is fathomed and the tv screen is on, at that point the control cycle trap is worked.

At whatever point an issue happens to any electrical gadget, switch it off for five minutes and restart it.

Factory reset option

In case rebooting the Tv does not work, at that point the manufacturing plant reset choice is the another step. The manufacturing plant reset choice evacuates all the past settings within the Tv.

At times it too happens simply do not know someone else within the home, alter the setting alternative from Tv farther. For the manufacturing plant reset alternative, you’ll be able utilize the producer manual.

All the reset alternatives are specified within the manual. On the off chance that there’s no equipment issue with the Tv screen, the manufacturing plant reset alternative will wrap up the issue, and the Tv screen will appear a picture.

HDMI cable is damaged

Tcl tv screen goes black but sound still works

Securing the HDMI cable and harbour of the Tcl Tv is vital since on the off chance that you drag it more than once and embed it into another gadget, it may be harmed.

HDMI cables are too worn out due to erosion so check the cable; in case it is harmed, supplant it to fathom the issue.

Loose cable connection

In case your Tv is modern and its guarantee card is display, this issue isn’t created primarily. But, on the off chance that your Tv is as well ancient, now and then a few wire associations ended up free and withdrawn and take off their put interior the Tv.

In case there’s no issue with the sound and fair the picture is dark, it implies there’s an issue with the picture cable. In the event that you have got involvement opening the screws and wiring, you’ll do it this way.

  • To begin with, switch off the Tv and drag out the plug from the attachment since in case you are doing not drag out the cord from the outlet, you’ll bear an electric stun.
  • Carefully confine the Tv from the divider and put it on a delicate and smooth surface. In the event that you put it on a harsh surface, there are chances of scratches on the Tv screen.
  • Take a flathead screwdriver and open all the screws from the side of the Tv.
  • Take the board off and expel the cover from the posterior. Evacuate the back cover carefully since the gadget may get harmed.
  • After expelling the cover, all the circuits we’ll be uncovered to you. Check on the off chance that the circuit and the associations to it are fittingly bounded. Tight the open circuits and associations.
  • Check the picture cable; if it is harmed or worn out, at that point you would like to supplant the picture cable.
  • It is proposed that in the event that you’re not an master, do not open the Tv screws since the circuits and Cables are complex, and you’ll be able not repair them until you’re a certified specialist.


The ultimate words in this article are in the event that you’re having an issue with the Tcl Tv screen going black, but the sound still works, at that point the primary thing to do is reboot the Tv.

In case it works, it is sweet, but in case it does not work and the picture is still not coming, take after the over focuses to settle the issue.

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