Wall Mounted Ironing Board ikea

Even while ironing is a necessary household task, not every person has enough room for a typical solitary ironing board. Luckily, people with limited room can find the ideal answer in an IKEA wall-mounted ironing board. The advantages of choosing a wall-mounted ironing board will be discussed in this article, along with the reasons IKEA has some of the best alternatives available.

Wall Mounted Ironing Board ikea (Review and Buying Guide)

1. Why Choose a Wall Mounted Ironing Board from ikea?

Conventional pressing sheets can be supplanted with wall-mounted pressing sheets to spare space. The board can be mounted on the divider so that it is out of the way and takes up less room on the floor when not in utilize. Wall-mounted pressing sheets can too be essentially collapsed absent when not in utilize for pressing and are open.

Wall Mounted Ironing Board ikea

2. Advantages of IKEA Wall Mounted Ironing Boards

The wall-mounted pressing sheets from IKEA are no distinctive from their other cutting-edge and viable furniture alternatives. Choosing an IKEA pressing board has certain benefits.

  • High-quality materials are utilized within the development of
  • IKEA pressing sheets, guaranteeing their solidness and life expectancy.
  • IKEA’s wall-mounted pressing sheets are made to be minor and foldable, making them perfect for lofts with small space.
  • IKEA gives arrangements that are reasonable without relinquishing quality.

3. How to Install a Wall Mounted Ironing Board from IKEA

The strategy of mounting an IKEA wall-mounted pressing board is basic. To guarantee a effective establishment, take after these steps:

Step 1: Gather the Necessary Tools and Materials

Assemble the vital hardware and supplies, such as screws, a penetrate, a level, a measuring tape, and a pencil, some time recently you start.

Step 2: Measure and Mark the Mounting Area

Choose a place that works well for the ironing board, ideally close to a power source. The location where the mounting bracket will be installed should be measured and marked.

Step 3: Install the Mounting Bracket

With the included screws and a drill, secure the mounting bracket to the wall. Make sure the bracket is firmly secured to the wall.

Step 4: Attach the Ironing Board to the Bracket

After installing the bracket, fasten the ironing board to it. The majority of IKEA products use a straightforward latch system for quick connection and removal.

Step 5: Test and Adjust for Stability

Overlap the pressing board down and put weight on it to evaluate its steadiness. Make any alterations required to ensure a solid and secure establishment.

Wall Mounted Ironing Board ikea

5. Best Places to Install a Wall Mounted Ironing Board

Ironing boards that mount to walls can be installed all over the house. Here are a few well-liked choices:

In the Laundry Room

A wall-mounted ironing board is traditionally and conveniently placed in the laundry room. It keeps the ironing board close to the laundry and drying areas.

Inside a Closet

Mounting the pressing board interior a closet could be a awesome choice for individuals who need a more clandestine arrangement.

In the Bedroom

A wall-mounted ironing board in the bedroom enables quick touch-ups before leaving, guaranteeing that your clothing are always put together.

In the Craft Room

An pressing board can be valuable for specialists and crafters since it makes squeezing materials and wrapping up creates less complex.

Wall Mounted Ironing Board ikea

6. Design and Style Options

IKEA provides a variety of design and style options to suit different home decor and individual tastes:

Classic Wooden Boards

IKEA offers wall-mounted pressing sheets with conventional oak outlines for people who venerate a classical fashion, bringing a touch of refinement to any space.

Modern and Compact Designs

If you want a more contemporary look, IKEA offers sleek, small ironing boards that go perfectly with contemporary furnishings.

Ironing Boards with Additional Storage

Choose an IKEA wall-mounted ironing board with additional storage shelves or hooks for ironing supplies for increased functionality.

7. Maintenance and Care Tips

The following upkeep and care advice will help your wall-mounted ironing board last a long time:

Cleaning the Ironing Surface

Use a moist cloth to often clean the ironing surface to get rid of any dust or residue.

Checking for Loose Parts

To maintain stability, check the ironing board’s parts frequently and tighten any slack screws or hinges.

Replacing Worn-out Covers

The ironing board cover may deteriorate over time. To ensure easy ironing, replace it with a fresh cover.

Wall Mounted Ironing Board ikea

Ivation Wall-Mounted Ironing Board | Foldable 36.2” x 12.2” Ironing Station for Home, Apartment & Small Spaces

For homes, flats, and other constrained places, the Ivation Wall-Mounted Pressing Board could be a space-saving pressing choice. Here are a few of the product’s notable qualities:

  • Size:The pressing board may be a sensible measure for most pieces of clothing, measuring when unfurled around 36.2 inches long and 12.2 inches wide.
  • Plan for Divider Mounting: This pressing board is made to be set on a divider, which spares space and keeps it out of the way when not in utilize.
  • Foldable: The pressing board could be a commonsense elective for compact places with constrained floor space since it can be rapidly collapsed down when not in utilize.
  • Easy-Release Lever: The board likely has an easy-release lever framework that creates collapsing and unfurling the board basic.
  • The ironing board comes with a detachable cotton cover that provides a smooth surface for ironing.

All things considered, the Ivation Wall-Mounted Pressing Board could be a helpful and space-saving choice for pressing pieces of clothing in humble homes. Its collapsing and wall-mounted shape makes the foremost effective utilize of space whereas continuously advertising a viable pressing station.

D-Crease+ 48″ X 13″ Full Size Ironing Board W/Silicon Iron Rest | Wall Mount & Closet Hanger

With the following features, the D-Crease+ Full Size Ironing Board is a strong and functional ironing option:

  • Size: The ironing board has a big ironing area for full-size clothing, measuring 48 inches long and 13 inches wide.
  • The board has a silicon iron rest that gives your iron a heat-resistant, secure place to rest while it’s not in use or when you’re taking a break from ironing.
  • You can choose the installation method that is best for your space with this ironing board’s flexibility of wall mounting and closet hanging options.
  • Complete Metal Heavy Duty Construction: Heavy-duty metal components were used in the ironing board’s construction, ensuring its toughness and durability while in operation.

With a full-size surface, a silicon iron support, and a sturdy design, it’s the perfect option for effective ironing. Also, you have the ability to alter its placement in accordance with your tastes and available space thanks to the choice of mounting it on the wall or hanging it in the closet.

Nisorpa Wall Mounted Ironing Board 37″ x 13″ Fold Away 180° Swivel Iron Board with Heat Resistant Cover in Wall Ironing Board

For family clothing rooms, the Nisorpa Divider Mounted Pressing Board may be a valuable and space-saving pressing choice. The taking after are the product’s notable qualities:

  • Size: The pressing board may be a sensible measure for different clothing articles, measuring around 37 inches in length and 13 inches in width.
  • Plan for Divider Mounting: The pressing board is built to be divider mounted, which makes a difference with space preservation and keeps it out of the way when not in utilize.
  • Foldable and 180° Swivel: The pressing board highlights a 180° swivel feature that lets you position it at the perfect point for simple ironing. It is additionally promptly foldable when not in utilize.
  • The pressing board encompasses a heat-resistant cover that guarantees secure pressing and watches against board harm brought on by the iron’s warm.

For family clothing rooms, the Nisorpa Divider Mounted Pressing Board offers a valuable and compelling pressing arrangement. It may be a flexible alternative for maximizing space and guaranteeing a smooth pressing encounter much appreciated to its space-saving plan, fold-away include, and swivel capabilities. It may be a secure and long-lasting pressing board elective much appreciated to the heat-resistant cover’s extra layer of defense.


Q1: Are IKEA wall mounted ironing boards sturdy enough for heavy fabrics?

Yes, IKEA’s wall mounted ironing boards are designed to be sturdy and can handle various fabrics, including heavy ones like denim and linen.

Q2: Can I paint my wall mounted ironing board to match the room decor?

Yes, you can paint the wooden frame of the ironing board to match your room’s decor using suitable paint and finish.

Q3: What tools do I need for installing the ironing board from IKEA?

You will need screws, a drill, a level, a measuring tape, and a pencil for a successful installation.

Q4: Can I adjust the height of the ironing board?

Some IKEA models allow for height adjustment, offering flexibility and comfort during ironing.

Q5: How do I fold the ironing board back against the wall when not in use?

Folding the ironing board back against the wall is as simple as releasing the latch mechanism and lifting it up.


Any domestic with restricted room would advantage enormously from the establishment of an IKEA wall-mounted pressing board. In expansion to sparing imperative floor space, it moreover offers a down to earth and helpful pressing arrangement. A viable elective for each domestic, an IKEA pressing board encompasses a assortment of fashion conceivable outcomes and is straightforward to introduce.


  • Wall-mounted pressing sheets are fabulous space-saving arrangements, particularly for littler homes or lofts.
  • Numerous wall-mounted pressing sheets have a swivel include, permitting you to alter the board’s position for comfortable pressing at distinctive points.
  • IKEA items are known for their user-friendly gathering enlightening, and the wall-mounted pressing board ought to be no exemption.
  • KEA items are more often than not made from durable materials, and the wall-mounted pressing board is likely to be tough and able to resist standard utilize.


  • Wall-mounted ironing boards may have a smaller ironing surface compared to traditional freestanding ironing boards.
  • Installing a wall-mounted ironing board requires drilling into the wall, which might not be suitable for renters or those who prefer not to make permanent changes to their space.
  • Some wall-mounted ironing boards have fixed heights, which might not be adjustable to suit the user’s specific height and preferences.

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